Most of the inventions performed by Louis Pasteur were experienced during the 18th century. This was the period when Bonaparte Napoleon III was the emperor of France. Pasteur received maximum support from Napoleon III. He had high optimism to ensure development in all vicinities. He was more than enthusiastic to forfeit the whole of his life in hazard to support the scientific progression.

He had all his belief in discoveries thus going through an operation. Napoleon depended on scientific discoveries to boost industrialization in his country. The emperor created a lot of employment opportunities and chances for all the scientists. For instance, “blight to the grape roots could have severely hindered the wine industry in France” (Tomes, 1998). Through Pasteur’s discoveries, the industry that dealt with wine was kept away from the hazardous situation. The discoveries scientifically, the economy of France, as well as the upheaval of industries, were all found to be intertwined. Bonaparte Napoleon III is a man who greatly supported Pasteur.

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Most of the inventions performed by Louis Pasteur
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