The ‘Eurasia Foundation of Central Asia’ (EFCA) in corroboration with the ‘Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland’ facilitated the creation of the Independent Anticorruption Council (IAC) drawing its membership from the non-governmental organizations and the business community. The mandate of the IAC was to advise the government through recommending measures to increased and enforce anti-fraud values in society. The IAC was also meant to lobby the civil society to partake in the monitoring of corruption and facilitate the developing of government policies to address official fraud.

The republic of Kazakhstan has also put in place the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code in its state policy against corruption. This forms an important base for fighting corruption. It states corruption related criminal offences and relevant penalties for offenders16. However, the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code has been criticized and accused of falling short of the international set standards. The particular failure is on the elaborate information on the interpretation and interpretation of is provisions on bribery offences.

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