There are various methods of sales promotion. Some of its methods are as follows:

Coupons – One of the methods of sales promotion is a coupon. It can be termed as a certificate given to a person that allows him or her to a special discount while purchasing some special products with some terms and conditions. These coupons may be distributed among various people through emails, newspapers, magazines, etc. These coupons are reimbursed by the manufacturers from whom the dealers have purchased them for the value of coupons.

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Free Samples – This method is adopted by manufacturers when a new product is brought into the market for a first time. This is a very successful method of sales promotion as in this method, the manufacturer distributes free samples of that product to various people as a means of promotion.

Money-Refund Offer – Money refund offer method of a sales promotion is when a manufacturer promises to refund the price of the product to the customer if the customer is not satisfied with the product. The good and genuine intentions of the manufacture are seen under this method.

Premium Offer – Premium offer is a technique of sales promotion that has an offer on a product, which is some additional item would be given for free with the purchase of the main product.

Prize Contests – This is a type of sales promotion that may be organized through various mediums. The participants of these contests need to answer some questions. From those answers, the best answer is given an award.