Predisposing factors and exposure may injure people. Those who are predisposed to certain situations are likely to be injured. For example, those who engage in sports activities or risky activities are riskier to be hurt than those who remain indoors doing their things. When the accidents happen they will explain that they were engaged in the activities and that is why they were hurt in the process. Besides those who are close to them is easy to admit that indeed that the victims were injured as a result of their usual conduct. The working environment may also turn out to be another ground that people may use to argue out that the occurrence of the accident was necessitated by the nature of the operations and risky environment that can never be relied upon by others. Safe environments cannot be compared with risky environments when someone is weighing whether they can be safe if they can engage in certain activities or not as demonstrated herein. Those who are exposed to adverse conditions in the environment are likely to be injured. For example, children who play along the long are likely to be hit by the vehicles crossing the road. That is why it will be easy to explain why precautions are always made to ensure that children do not play along or near the road. They end up causing more damage. This is the reason why most roads are marked for children crossing the road or near the schools, billboards are raised signaling the danger ahead and the motorists must ensure that they take necessary steps to avert the danger. Mental disorders may also be attributed to the causes of the accident. It is easy to believe how someone with a mental problem may be involved in an accident. Their actions may not be sober hence, they find themselves in the wrong site of the act. When they are injured, people can raise a defense that it was a result of the victim’s poor decisions to render unable and weak in sober decisions. They are presumed to be the people who recklessly take actions without thinking of the next actions. Accidents that occur on the roads may be attributed to many factors. One of these factors may include, use of phones while driving. When an accident occurs and someone was driving, it will be explained that the accident can be avoided if only people can drive without the use of phones. Such behaviors of driving while on the phone might be as a result of poor ethical issues or rules in place are not stiff enough to warrant the imposition of further sanctions for those who will be found to have broken the law. Certain behaviors can be a result of poor upbringing, therefore, the person ends up exhibiting the same behavior to an older age despite the warnings that are eminent. Poor upbringing can be managed so that people do not explain that failing to heed to pleas and advice will contribute to the accidents. At times, juvenile delinquencies may argue out that the acts were a result of actions that were beyond their control. Poor infrastructure may be attributed to some of the accidents. Poorly constructed roads with poor signage of either the corners and pumps may be explained to be the root cause of why certain things happened. When engineers fail to erect road signs that there is a sharp corner ahead, motorists are likely to be involved in accidents. When the same happens, blame games will be raised and efforts may be made to alleviate such situations. Therefore, it is recommended that necessary efforts are made to alleviate such accidents.

Means to End Accidents and its Connotation
People should avoid risky environments so that they do not raise unnecessary arguments that if warrant because of the risky environment they won’t have been hurt. Measures should be taken to ensure that people live in a secure environment. This will not only protect them but also those they love. Children must always under the care of their parents or close supervision of the adults. Young children are not responsible for their actions. Those who will be hurt in the process can never raise, the argument of inability to take control. People must maintain high conduct and ethics for them to avoid many things in life. If people are ethically upright, many accidents will be avoided.

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Means to End Accidents and its Connotation
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