Your level of arousal can be thought of as the amount of capacity you have for work. Yerkes-Dodson law is one finding concerning arousal which predicts an inverted U-shaped function of performance and arousal.A certain arousal level can be a change motivator (and change in this discussion is being studied). You want intermediate passions that motivate change (learning). Too much has a hyper effect while too little stimulation will become lethargic for the learner.

There are optimal levels of arousal for each task to be learned:
On the coin other side is an advanced algebra class. at a cognitive level, this is very high so excitement should be low because you need all the student’s attention on the subject – too much excitement and overload. If you put too many ingredients in the glass, it will overflow. if you put in the wrong ingredients but the glass is full, there will be no taste and If you put too few ingredients, you are not making full use of the glass.

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Meaning of emotional arousal to trainers
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Meaning of emotional arousal to trainers:
Arousal factors in the environment such as temperature, and noise, and comfort need to be controlled. For example, a colleague of a man had an internship at a company of meat packaging.

A cold storage warehouse is the only place they had to train him. He got through the practice, missing out on most of the arousal factor he used to use. The cold room had weighed on the student’s maximum joy (stress) and he no longer wanted to excite them.For cognitively high or very complex training tasks, use fewer motivators and lower stress levels. The brain tends to exclude certain aspects when there is too much input at once, and the only input you don’t want to exclude is what learners need to learn. Some coaches call this brain overload or brain seizure. This doesn’t mean that you can’t make the material interesting, just keep the fun going.

Physical exercise or Outdoor activity usually requires more arousing techniques. Here the instructor has to be a college football coach rather than a trainer. Attempts to reach the pinnacle of arousal, where the most change (learning) occurs, are higher on this scale than cognitive learning.Motivation and attention are required to reach peak arousal point. This is why US Armed Forces Basic Training like team-based training programs make great teams – they hit a point of excitement that is top-notch for this type of training.

Tests can be a great motivator for attracting students they show they are good at assignments, don’t like to fail, challenge, want certificates, etc. However, anxiety about taking the test can cause some students to become agitated to levels above the optimal point. stress can be reduced by providing valuable tests and performance activities that give students feedback and confidence.When the point of optimal arousal becomes too high, shift focus away from cognitive goals, e.g. delete the what-if statement. You can also take breaks, do stretches, watch videos. Play an interesting fun game.

Use activities where learners interact or move when the point of optimal arousal is too low. Create challenging games, inspiring speeches, and riddles. Give it a pop test. Include what, who, where, when, how, and why to lead study questions to relieve anxiety. This way you can control stress in the learning environment.