Managers and business organizations invest in information technology and systems because such strategies provide real economic value to the business. The decision to implement or sustain an information system presumes that the profits on this investment will be higher than that of other assets. [3] In this light, a proper information system that meets the organizational requirements should be developed following the core activities of system development: system analysis, system design, programming, testing, conversion, and maintenance [1].

In this paper, we look at the techniques of gathering requirements; which is one of the activities in the system analysis stage, preceded by the feasibility study. More so, to be able to have an effective information system plan, a company must have a clear understanding of its long-term and short-term information requirements through the incorporation of appropriate methods in determining these requirements.[7] These methods include interviews, questionnaires, observations, document analysis, prototyping, and JAD. Thus, the following sections describe these techniques relative to their appropriate usage and recommend joint interviews as a reliable option for gathering stakeholders’ needs.

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Managers and business organizations invest in information technology
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