Facebook – 2.74 Billion Active Users
Take a sample part that uses Facebook utmost. India is the country with more active users of the young age generation, which is 290 million. Secondly, the United States’ active users are 190 million, and third is Indonesia, with 140 million active users. Facebook is now not only used for chat. It is used to communicate with people for business purposes too. So, electronic marketing uses this platform to catch the customer, and especially Facebook is one of the best sources for the marketer where it saves time and money. Marketer feels that Facebook networking sites profit for every business and efficacy because the marketer does not need to conduct special advertising campaigns to introduce and create awareness about the product, which is costly and consumes more time. Here, the marketer gets prerequisite knowledge about the customers’ mindset.

Artificial Intelligence(AI) plays a vital role; this mechanism collects information about the consumers’ mindset through CTR. With a single click and the views of the videos or articles and searching products, the machine collects all this information, which is AI. This artificial intelligence marketer gets to know about the customers’ tastes and preferences and what demands are generated from the users’ side.

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Electronic Market Advantages
Following are the advantages of the electronic market:

Using product reviews and feedback: In this generation, customers are too advanced by their knowledge and are well-versed with technological ideas, so the customers’ pre-purchasing has become a part where the customer checks the reviews, points, and reads the comments that the previous purchaser has mentioned about the product.

Using social media sharing: Hindu News Survey analyzed that Indians are spending an average of 2.4 hours of their time on social media sites which is a very higher rate. Therefore, the companies are getting a large number of customers over in these social media sites. Contest: This contest technique uses many businesspeople, where a business expert conducts online contests and gives some prize money or coupons that engage many potential customers.

Other Issues to Be Considered
However, a Facebook business page can likewise have drawbacks, which can cause additional work for you or your employees and result in negative public attention.

No Facebook Marketing Plan: A working plan is needed at the starting point for any marketing either online, offline, or on social media. Having a good Facebook marketing plan helps to ensure that your brand can display its products to the best audience. It will help you assist the objectives or goals that the company wishes to achieve with the help of marketing on Facebook.

No Content Strategy: Whatever ad format we choose, the most important thing is the content in the marketing. It can either be text-based, video, or audio, but good content is required to be there. More essentially, your content requires to stand with your brand values as well as the Facebook marketing goals. We can say that marketing without content is ineffective. It is not sufficient to sell your product on Facebook, and you need to sell an experience.

Not Generating Traffic And Leads: Now we can see that the company creates a good content investing lots of cost but the leads do not covert. This could be due to Facebook heading toward the importance of paid ad content.

No ROI (Return On Investment) On Facebook Marketing Campaigns: Presently, you have run a couple of paid promotions on Facebook; the next insightful thing to do is to discover how to calculate Facebook ads and their return on investment (ROI). This has been quite a challenge not because it involves a lot of numbers and data but due to the lack of establishing a correlation between marketing and sales.