As compared to other wild animals belonging to the cat family, in their prides, lions are the most interactive wild animals, with distinct power structures. For example, as research studies show, in a pride, most strong female lions receive more recognition, as compared to weak male lions and incase a stronger male lion defeats an old one, then membership of such a lion to that pride ends immediately. Although some lions driven by hunger may hunt during the day, in most cases lion search for food at night, because the darkness will reduce chances of their prey noticing them (Dongen 1). Lions have specific hunting zones, for example, near water holes whereby, in most cases the success of their hunting ventures depends on well-coordinated efforts. Lions depend primarily on meet for their sustenance, whereby daily a mature lion consumes approximately 11-15 pounds of meat. Because of the sociability nature of lions, whenever one lion catches its prey it will growl hence, attracting its pride to share in the new catch. On the other hand, some lions within the pride are sick hence, cannot manage to collect their own foods, then other healthy lions within must tend to such lions’ needs; hence, a proof of the sociability nature of lions. Although the lions’ primary preys are non-hostile animals such as zebras, Giraffes, and wildebeests, lack of these animals can make lions to go as far as hunting dangerous animals, for example, porcupines

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Lions have specific hunting zones
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