IR technology has become one of the most important discoveries of modern time. The common uses of the technology are evident in meteorology, medicine, astronomy, communication and security industries. The chemical contents contained in a bioreactor can be detected using near infrared (NIR) technology (Morris 7). Proper control of nutrients can be timed and optimized. The chemical properties of a substance in regards to NIR reflectance are usually determined using the technology. Medical diagnostics employ the technology in blood testing (Stuart 162). The discovery and production of more effective medicine have been made possible courtesy of NIR technology.

Tablets and capsules can effectively be formulated. Spectrometers, spectrophotometers and spectrographs are important instruments that work on the principle of NIR technology (Stuart 174). The fact that these instruments are capable of detecting cell cultures makes them important in anatomy and microbial studies. They are sometimes referred to as NIR analyzers.

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IR technology has become one of the most important discoveries of modern time
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The use of NIR technology in the world of astronomy is common. Through it, the age, spectral characteristics, mass and chemical composition of a star can be ascertained (Casoli 165). This application affirms that NIR technology is useful in the examination of distant objects. The atmospheres of cool and warm stars can be examined by NIR rays. The industrial sector also enjoys a great deal of NIR technology. NIR instruments play a role in the recycling of carpet fiber to newer carpets. The sorting of nylon, polyester, cotton and wool is an important process in the textile industry where NIR technology is of use (Morris 9).

The polymerization process is made easier by the technology. The electronics industry also relies heavily on the technology. Remote controls for TVs, video recorders and mobile phones work on this technology. Camcorders and mobile phone cameras depend on the ability of CCD chips to pick IR waves. Sensitive IR detectors ensure that ‘night sight’ is achieved (Chu 500). Passive Infra-Red (PIR) detectors are used in the field of security. Burglar alarm systems are fitted in most houses. The devices detect the IR produced by people and animals. In meteorology; weather forecasters can make weather predictions by use of satellites. The satellites work on the IR technology.