nvestigations have revealed that maximal responses during training at altitudes are not significantly different between male and females. Nonetheless, after acclimatization, it has been observed that males tend to use more energy as an exercise fuel while females tend to oxidize less energy compared to utilization at sea level. In terms of training for sport, there is no much difference between men and women as both adapt at an almost equal rate. Although it has been noted that there is drastic difference in terms of nutritional considerations for male and females, it has been observed that females are unable to super-compensate (i.e., “carbo load”) muscle glycogen and that their menstrual states may affect glycogen storage.

For the target population, exercise is important in preventing various diseases such as diabetes and cancer, controlling weight, maintaining healthy bones, muscles, and joints, promoting psychological well-being, and reducing feelings of depression and anxiety (Wilmore, Costill, & Kenney, 2008, p.204).

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Investigations have revealed that maximal responses
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