Infrastructure and Finance:
MCL is set up with two biological stations- San Gerardo and Pocosol. It possesses several office buildings and two main offices are present, one on the western side and the other on the eastern side.

It contains an Information center that spreads awareness to people about rainforest conservation and also sells a variety of goods that acts as a resource to the MCL.

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The BEN area receives most of its visitors from the easily accessible area of the Bajo del Tigre sector, this accounts for about 75% of the visitors.

The volunteers serve as the most important part of MCL. They have done many tasks for the MCL. They helped in building several trails and signed them. They also helped in planting trees and recreating the pastures.

A ‘Children’s center’ and a ‘Visitor’s center’ were also constructed near the trails and shops selling distinguished merchandise were set up by the staff.

In 2003, at the Bajo Tigre regions, night walks and twilight walks conducted by local guides earned the attraction of tourists and became a good source of income to the MCL.

Other sites of attraction like the greenhouse, greenery-filled gardens, colorful picnic sites, and others were designed and built. Also, an open-area classroom was set up to facilitate the teachers from institutions to guide and teach their students about MCL and biodiversity.

A “Finca Stellar Education Center” and a small nursery for trees was also established.

A third biological station that could accommodate around thirty-two people was built.

Shelters and buildings to accommodate visitors were built near the attraction sites like the lakes. Trails, roadway connections were also developed. The buildings were provided with internet connectivity, water access from the gray water treatment plant set up, and some energy sources.

During the year 2001, MCL met with a huge deficit for money and cut-down costs and labor. It got financial help from FONAFIFO (Fondo Nacional de Financiamiento Forestal), a program by the Spanish government. Slowly MCL increased its income through many initiatives and tourist attractions.