As can be observed from the demographic changes, minority populations have augmented by over 50% in the last decade. The increased birth and fertility rates among the Hispanic and Latino population indicate that populations of infants below three years will double in the next three years. In addition, the number of children accessing formal childcare arrangement is below 15% of the total average of children going through school (Beavers & Amico, 2005). The contrary is observed on the number of children attending informal childcare settings, which is approximated to be around 34.5%. However, the number of children accessing the early childhood education and care is high in relation to most countries. In terms of quality services, the Latinos receive poor childcare services in relation to the white counterparts. The expansion and spread of population among Latinos have significant effect on current and upcoming economic and social course of action with emphasis on early childhood education and care (Guzmán, 2001).

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