As opposed to the action by the chemotherapy, biologic therapy collaborates with the body’s immune system to counter the effect of cancer on a patient. While a patient’s immune system generally assists with the prevention of illnesses, it is very central in stopping the spread of cancer in the body. Arguably, biologic therapy is meant to strengthen the body’s natural immunity against cancer attack. Despite the fact that it is not very clear to doctors how biologic therapy manages to deal with these attacks, it is obvious that biologic treatments play a vital role in hindering the spread of cancer cells in the body. By slowing down the spread of cancer cells, the body is able to use its internal protective mechanism to get rid of the dangerous cells. In addition, cancer is prevented from spreading to other areas of a patient’s body. As pointed out by Vachani and Millar (2010, p. 1), there are some biologics that are used to counter the side effects of other types of treatments administered to a patient. Specifically, there are some that help with the production of important body cells immediately after a treatment session. Arguably, this is very helpful in lowering the risk associated with neutropenia and the subsequent reduction of infections. The use of biologic treatments also assists the body to generate red blood cells.

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Immune system to counter the effect of cancer on a patient
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