Hydrotreating can be used to convert hydrocarbons by changing their molecular structure. This is achieved by reacting hydrogen with hydrocarbons to reduce the molecular weight of the hydrocarbons. When this occurs, heavy hydrocarbons can be converted into light hydrocarbons that can be used as engine fuels.

Main Products

There is a wide array of products that can be obtained from the hydrotreatment process. In gas plants, LPG and Fuel gas are produced. These plants also produce gasoline (Speight and Ozum 466). Crude oil produces various grades of kerosene including mid-distillate kerosene and naphtha kerosene. Paraffins are also obtained from hydrotreating biofuels. At a higher temperature, crude oil products including Gasoline and diesel oil are produced as the finished products from the hydrotreatment process. At the highest temperature, lubricating oil and grease are produced

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Hydrotreating can be used to convert hydrocarbons
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