IR performs different tasks depending on the characteristics of the regions mentioned above. Signal transmission over long distances and remote control technology depend on IR pulses. A clear understanding of how IR works can be conceptualized by examining the heat energy produced by heated objects (Siegel 104). In some cases the heat energy may be in form of visible. Otherwise, the heat energy may be produced as invisible light. This phenomenon is however possible in the IR spectrum.

This form of energy has found its application in industries and medical institutions. The heat energy is usually sensed by electronic equipment. Night-vision goggles are sensitive to heat energy within the IR spectrum. The goggles allow for ‘night’ vision. IR technology is applied in the military. Fire fighters make use of the technology in fire rescue missions (Siegel 108).

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In addition, astronomers can be able to analyze the light from distance space objects. It is vitally important have an intricate knowledge of IR technology. The choice of building and insulating heating devices such as convection ovens is improved. Higher temperatures are experienced in conditions of short wavelengths. The visible red and invisible red are separated by wavelength variations. Red parts are usually the warmest. Subsequently yellow and other parts of the spectrum show a decreasing trend of thermal energy. Medically, diseased tissues exhibit a red or shaded appearance that differs from the healthy tissues. Thermography makes it possible to measure insignificant temperature differences. Subsequently, the energy is converted to the color spectrum (Pereira 117).