History of Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution started approximately 200 years ago. It was that period when people used to live in a certain way, and it had changed the way businesses operated at that time.

Today’s modern cities and capitalism were developed because of the factory system during the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution, people depended on farming and used it to earn their living. They used to live in rural communities. When the industrial revolution happened, factories became advanced, and people started to begin working in companies. They later moved to urban cities for work. At the start of this change, people got very few wages, but it was more than what they were earning from farming.

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During the Industrial revolution, production efficiency had improved due to innovations and inventions. For example, the invention of the steam engine had reduced the time of manufacturing. In addition, due to low labor costs, the prices of the products had reduced. The Government of the United States had helped businesses by instituting taxes on foreign goods; so that product produced in the U.S.A. like steel is cheaper than the foreign markets. It led to encourage more development of infrastructure in the U.S.A.

Advantages of Industrial Revolution
There are so many advantages of the industrial revolution, which have been enjoyed by people even today.

The advantages of the industrial revolution are as follows:

The industrial revolution had created so many employment opportunities. People were making more money than what they were earning from farming. To manage the factories, more people were needed, hence it automatically created employment in the economy.

Due to people moving to cities due to work, it had developed significant improvements in city planning. More and more people were coming to urban areas searching for employment and required a place to live.

The industrial revolution had led to so many innovations. It had motivated and educated people about ground-breaking inventions. All such inventions are still being used today, such as light bulbs, X-ray machines, etc.

It had changed how people used to see things. It led to advanced technologies which had made life comfortable for people—the improved living of so many people at large.

This is what the industrial revolution had introduced in the life of humans.

Disadvantages of Industrial Revolution
Everything which has advantages will probably have disadvantages too. That is how the universe was made. The industrial revolution does have some disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the industrial revolution are as follows:

As more and more people were moving towards urban areas, it had caused problems in the farming sector. Because people were become dependent on the wages from factories and not farming anything. It led to a shortage of food in the economy.

The pollution had risen due to the development of several factories in the city. Pollution had deprived the living in urban cities difficult. This led to unsanitary conditions in the urban cities.

Sewage started to get overflowed due to the total wastage from factories into the rivers. To protect the cities from pollution, different laws were enacted. Due to this, health issues were arising among factory workers.

These were the disadvantages of the industrial revolution. However, unfortunately, all these disadvantages are still being faced by people in cities.