Meanwhile, with cobalt nanowire probe, there is high possibility of producing high-resolution images, and this has been revealed to improve the standard of tapping mode. [5]. However, experimental research conducted by Lie et al reveal that thin-film probe has application of measuring magnetic field distributions of an automotive microcontroller. [1]. Typically, with development of electrical resistivity in the probe, it has been revealed that these set pf probes are able to detect thin layers, and accurately resolve thin layer soil, and probe has been revealed of capable of giving very precise measurement to natural state of soil especially soil moisture.[6][7]. This has shown its advantage over the traditional method of measuring soil layers that is time consuming, may not provide precise measurement. However, the most common application is the scanning of atomic force microscopy (AFM), which is designed to detect mapping and tipping forces. Thus, high-resolution measurements are effective in detecting lever instantaneously. Measurement of AFM has been revealed 10-50nm with low-level frequencies range from 10 kHz to 500 kHz, and force of miconewtons can be applied to new probes. [8].

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High possibility of producing high-resolution images
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