germination is an important phase of a plant cycle. Surveys conducted by plant farmers revealed that environmental factors affect the germination rate of seeds (Qi and Burkholder 503). From the analysis of the previous literature, we can establish the importance of environmental factors on seed germination. However, internal factors that affect seed germination include seed vitality, genotype, seed maturation, and seed dormancy. Seed vitality indicates the ability of seedlings to withstand abnormal conditions. Previous surveys revealed that chemical compounds promote and inhibit seed germination (Gentile and Trematerra 860). As a result, farmers avoid harsh chemicals to mitigate seed dormancy. However, documented reports revealed that herbicides and pesticides affect seed germination. By, implication, the application of chemicals before planting affects seed germination. As a result, the chemical application must be conducted in phases to reduce seed dormancy.

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Germination is an important phase of a plant cycle
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