Genetic technology has opened a new platform in medicine because it aids in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. With the help of genetic technology, healthcare providers can accurately diagnose genetic diseases and provide effective therapies, which have been lacking in the past century. Moreover, genetic technology enables the cloning of tissues and organs for transplant, and thus averts the conventional way of generating tissues and organs through donation. The Human Genome Project provides the basis for studying the human genome, and is thus central in the evolution of genetic technology. Projections show that by the 22nd century, genetic technology would transform the realm of medicine since genetics would be the markers of diseases and targets of therapies. According to Oliveira and Oliveira (2012), the evolution of genetic technology and norms will pave way for the revelation of mysteries, which have perplexed humans for centuries. Therefore, this essay forecasts the advancement of genetic technology in the 22nd century in aspects of gene therapy and eugenics with the view of assessing its potential benefits and dangers.

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Genetic technology has opened a new platform in medicine
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