The purpose of this essay is to integrate genetic information in the Trosack case to ensure that the patients can deal with the genetic basis of the disease in their child. The appropriate members who can be included in an interdisciplinary team to gain more information on Trosack’s case include Dr. Zimmerly, Rita Trosack’s physician, Rita’s father, and Peter’s father. Dr. Zimmerly is suitable for the interdisciplinary team as he has the relevant knowledge and expertise to deal with advanced cases of maternity.

He is also well informed on Rita Trosack’s case as he organized for her chorionic villus sampling (CVS) test which would determine whether the baby has a genetic disorder. Dr. Zimmerly is also a suitable candidate for the interdisciplinary committee as he has prescribed prenatal vitamins for Rita which she is taking to manage her pregnancy until her due date.

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The physician has also provided Rita and Peter with nutritional information and exercise which she can do during her pregnancy. He has also informed a couple of the basic warning signs that might signal any health problems to both of them. Rita’s father will be a suitable candidate for the study because his parents had two sons one of whom died at an early age of unknown causes. Rita’s father will be able to provide important historical information based on what his parents told him of his brother’s death. The circumstances surrounding the death will be important in determining whether the boy died of genetic circumstances or other causes.