“Fossil records, biogeography, embryology and vestigial structures” were evidences of evolution (Coyne, 242). Predictions which could be investigated in research and tested successfully in the laboratory were positive evidence of the evolutionary process. The fossils, the DNA sequences, the organs studied have all contributed to the expansive knowledge of evolution. Darwin’s ideas about natural selection had been verified and found correct by various researchers. However the debate on genetic drift and natural selection had not been ended by biologists. Adaptation occurred to the advantage of the species and never to destroy it.

Many questions remained as to how females selected their male partners. Did they look for good genes? The extent of the role of genetic drift in DNA evolution had to be still further determined. The direct line to Homo sapiens if any had yet to be found. The Cambrian “explosion of life” whereby many new animals appeared within a few years had to be investigated further for the causes. The ladder of progress informed us about the evolutionary process which had occurred over the centuries and was telling that more was to happen.

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Fossil records, biogeography, embryology and vestigial structures
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