Most scientists agree that the presence of water on the Earth was the pivotal necessity necessary in order for life to start on the planet. When examining the process of Earth’s creation though there seems to be few indicators of water actually forming directly from the process of creation or within the Earth itself (Robin, 2008: 4061 -4075). One theory that attempts to explain this is the comet/proto-planet impact theory which states that proto-planets, planetoids and comets that were composed of ice were actually prevalent in the inner system during the later stages of the process of accretion. (Robin, 2008: 4061 -4075) As such as the Earth continued to orbit around the sun it supposedly impact millions of comets along with several icy proto-planets to create the water that can be seen in the oceans today. In fact, 4.4 billion years after the creation of the sun the Earth had actually sufficiently cooled enough to actually create clouds, rain, and the even oceans on the planets surface (Robin, 2008: 4061 -4075). This particular period marks the creation of the atmosphere that is present in the world today which is a combination of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases.

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Formation of the Oceans: Comet/Proto-planet Impact Theory
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