Flour is one of the main ingredients in baking. Most flours are mainly a composition of protein and starch.2 Wheat flour contains high level of gluten, which is a protein that turns into an elastic substance when mixed with water. This reaction causes the dough to puff up while baking and makes the final product fine, soft, light and airy.

Even though high level of gluten in flour provides a lot of benefits for the baked foods, there is one major disadvantage – many people cannot eat products that contain gluten due to a condition called Celiac disease.3 No wheat containing foods are allowed for these people. To provide such individuals with an opportunity to eat baked foods, wheat flour is replaced with almond flour. This kind of flour does not contain gluten, which makes it impossible for the almond flour dough to trap bubbles of air and rise during the process of baking as wheat flour dough does.3 Almond flour is hypoallergenic and this is its main quality.

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Flour is one of the main ingredients in baking
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