In the United States, almost all the amendments are only applicable to the federal government. The state governments have similar bills under which they also have rules like the federal rules. This problem persists in the United States till the government implements the fourteenth amendment. After the fourteenth amendment, the states cannot deny any command if it violates the due process of law given to the citizens. All the rights to the citizens under the first amendment are also applicable to the persons of state, federal, and local levels.

Both the first and the fourteenth amendment apply only to the government agencies and the rights affected by the actions of these agencies only. If any private organization violates any rights, it cannot demand justice under these amendments. The rights given to the people by the first amendment are essential, and the government also realizes it. Due to that, they have compulsorily applied this amendment to all the forms and the levels of the government.

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First amendment and the establishment clause
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The establishment clause
In the earlier times, there were churches in the country that the Englishmen established. Because of their history and dominance, these churches receive various types of aids from the government. The members of these churches often demand seats in the national parliaments, and they also get it. There is a sense of discrimination in the citizens because of the special treatment given to these people. To abolish this thought and create a harmonious society, they established this clause in the first amendment.

There is a never-ending debate on this clause in society because of the introduction of religious sentiments in it. The law establishes that the government cannot force the citizens to follow a specific religion or preference to any religion. The people are free to practice any religion according to their belief in power. The government cannot provide them any special treatment because of their faith or doubt in the religion. There are several instances in which the government respects the other person’s belief in their religious activities.

Freedom to choose any religion
It is a necessary right that the government gives to the citizens of the country. There are numerous cultures around the world, and each of them has distinct rules and regulations. If the government of a state forces its citizens to follow a particular belief, it is not considered a good gesture of the government. Now almost all the developed countries have a democratic government, and it is one of the rights to choose their belief. If a government is forcing any religion on the citizens, it is a misuse of powers.

The significant role of the government is to establish the laws of the country appropriately between the citizens. They do not have to give preference to any religion, and they have to maintain the property between the rules and the citizens.