Another advantage of this pack is its duration of use. According to Eldor (2007), the end user is assured of a long period of service. The machine can work without interruptions for a period of one year. However, it must be stored under special conditions to ensure long life. For instance, OB Protease Solution should be stored at temperatures of 2-80C. All other components of the kit can be stored at room temperature, ranging from 220C to 250C. The buffer solutions should also be checked for precipitates before they can be used (Oledzka 2012). Precipitates would make the gadget inefficient. To address this problem, the impurities are re-dissolved by raising the temperature of the sample to 370C.

Microorganisms are the most ubiquitous of all creatures in the universe. They are present in almost all environments. All that is needed is for the environment to have the right conditions to support their existence. Some of the microbes are important sources of molecules that are of great importance in industrial and medical applications (Eldor 2007). A number of these microbes are also important sources of key enzymes used in the degradation of substances. As a result, it is important to isolate and study some of these important microorganisms living in the environment. The greatest challenge in doing this lies in the fact that the microbes do not exist in isolation.

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