This is not usually the case in liquid chromatography. In this study, Tributyltin was chosen as the template and a noncovalent technique was applied (Melander et al. 1999) Evaluation of three polymerization methods was done, the three methods include; “a composite material, a polymer prepared via-inverter grafting and an emulsion polymer” (Gallego-Gallegos et al. 2010). The results of the study showed that the grafted inverter and the emulsion polymers formed cavities (Mattiasson et al. 1999). The “emulsion polymers achieved a resolution of four organotin compounds” (Melander et al. 1999). The study revealed that this “stationary phase led to good recovery for all the species that were tested. The high selectivity prevented matrix interferences”

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Evaluation of three polymerization methods was done
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