Effective management practices, funding from relevant institutions and co-ordination between implementation should ensure success of the recovery strategy. However, due to the importance and intricacy of this activity, the progress of the conservation process must be assessed periodically to ensure the efficacy of the plan. Assessments will be carried out in the following ways:

  • Every three years, a bird count exercise will be carried out. The process will not just record the number of birds, it will include male birds, female birds, offspring within the last three years, mature members of the population, number of birds per square kilometer, and other information relating to the mallee vegetation. Other information such as the number of fires within the last three years will also be recorded. The information will assist in identifying areas that need more resources, habitats that are overpopulated, and those that require translocation.
  • To ensure that the long-term goals of the recovery plan are achieved, the area occupied by mallee vegetation will be calculated. This will give the area of land capable of supporting the Black-eared Miner population and the level of success in the maintenance of the current vegetation and planting new trees.

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