Energy is a physical property that can be transferred from one object to another to perform a function. The energy in an ecosystem originates from the sun which is converted into chemical energy by autotrophic plants. Plants convert compounds to produce heat and some amount is stored in it. The consumers such as animals and humans consume the stored energy. Some organisms use the energy from dead and decayed matter is called decomposers. These organisms produce raw materials in the soil which are again used by producers. The energy flow is continuous and keeps transferring.

A food chain is a cycle of events that involves the transfer of nutrients and energy from one organism to another through the repeating process of eating and being eaten. An example is a grass prepares its food; it is consumed by deer. The deer is eaten by a tiger and the dead tiger is decomposed by fungus. The food chains are of three types: grazing food chain, parasitic food chain, and detritus food chain.

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The grazing food chain begins with producers transferring biomass and energy to tertiary carnivores.

The parasitic food chain involves parasite killing prey.

The detritus food chain involves energy loss into an ecosystem containing detritus (metabolic waste).