Scientists have shown signficant interest in the study of the hall effect that occurs at room temperatures on topological insulators. The study shows that the occurrence of the effects at room temperature is unique because most hall effects occur under extreme physical conditions. Evidence shows that the the behavior is based on spinning electrons that are caused by the effects of the internal magnetic field of the topological material being used. The behavior of the electrons of the topological materials is based on the laws of electromagnetism.

Here, a topological insualtor material is defined using the time ‘reversal symmetry’ at its surface. The topological material has characteristics that are similar to those of a good electronic conductor at the surface, but the interior of the topoligicla material has good insulating properties. It means that the surface of the material is a good conductor of electrons and the interior is a poor conductor of electorns. The properties that make the material special when compared with good conductors of electrons and insulators is that the topological insulator is symmetrically protected by the time reveral symmetry and the particle number conservation properties.

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