In the last 15 years, there has existed a cosmopolitan increased correlation between vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) and severe clinical infection “(1, 2), forcing hospitals to set up counteractive measures to control the pandemic. To aid in countering the epidemic, they uncovered gut-colonized patients who were non – infected and would serve as the epicenter in the spreading of VRE. Furthermore, employing the use of culture-based techniques will go a long way in alleviating this challenge. The experimentation scientifically evaluated the performance characteristics of two culture-based chromogenic media that are cost-effective for VRE surveillance” (3, 4). The outcome of the results was based on Sensitivity, Stability and Precision as the three parameters that facilitated the analysis of Enterococcus species into two sets of media for selectivity determination. For control monitoring, positive control strains from VRE reference (n=4) from two different sources were also cultured. A dilution of two Enterococcus spp, Enterococcus faecium n=7; and Enterococcus faecalis ;n=2) reference and streaking on unadulterated and assorted cultures of both Media, followed by a 48-hour incubation.

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