The earthquake had many effects which can be discussed as follows. A lot of private property was ravaged by the earthquake (Walter 24). The people interviewed on the impacts of the earthquake revealed that they lost a lot of valuable properties (Malone 88). For example, one of the interviewees said that his house sustained serious damages that could cost him a lot of money to repair and this forced him to relocate to another apartment (Joseph 3). Another person that was interviewed said that his business premise was seriously affected by the tremors and they were moved to other buildings. In the process of moving, he lost his customers hence his business was adversely affected.

Although only one person was reported to have died of a heart attack triggered by shocks from the tremors, many people were seriously injured. The Alaskan highway was also seriously damaged and this caused serious traffic snarl-ups (Malone 94). The earthquake also led to long durations of power black-outs that paralyzed business activities in Washington State and this caused losses in businesses.

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