To explore the dangers associated with electric circuits, it is necessary that one understands the basics of electric circuit. Electric circuits should be designed in a manner that offers safety to the individual it is intended for use. For instance, it is essential that household appliances utilize safe circuit designs, which minimizes instances of shock. Modern household appliances like toasters and iron boxes are made with a conductive case, which is shelved from the live wire. This helps to protect users from accidental shocks. Additionally, iron box is usually made with considerations on safety for the user. Most electric circuits have live, neutral and earth connections. The wires corresponding to each of the named connections are usually insulated to avoid contact with each other. Additionally, the named wires are usually insulated from touching any conductor such as a metal case, which can be touched by users. In essence, this shows how dangerous it is to touch an electric circuit. The live component of the circuit is quite dangerous to individuals. However, it has been noted severally that birds step on lives wires but nothing happens. Actually, it should be noted that for current to flow, potential difference must be created. For instance, a battery has the positive and negative contacts. When the two points are connected in a circuit, current is forced to flow because of the potential difference created between the positive and negative charges.

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