Development and application of High-resolution thin-film magnetic field probe has been in the centre of research in the past few decades because of the major significant, that high-resolution thin field magnetic can contribute for debugging of electromagnetic compatibility problems. While, its application has also been useful for distribution of high frequency integrated circuit (IC), studies have revealed that development and standards of magnetic films materials and devices have been widely applicable for data storage, and application of magneto-electronics. Its components for the application in magnetic microwave devices have been due to magnetic solid-state memory. Despite its wide application, studies have revealed that there are still challenges in the application and development of magnetic field probes. For example, there are challenges of obtaining accurate measurements of magnetic field, and there can be influence of the electric field in the reduction of shielding structure. Typically, previous researches have revealed the complications in the development of magnetic thin films for example, development of multi layer system within 4 to 10 elements has been a major challenge, where efficient systematic development of magnetic for advanced thin-film systems.

The objective of the research proposal is to examine comments on Development and Application of a High-Resolution Thin-Film Probe. Studies have revealed that improved spatial resolution can enhance application of thin-film probe compared to a conventional loop probe. [1][2].

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However, there is need review related literatures to establish the comments on the application of Development and Application of a High-Resolution Thin-Film Probe.