Determination of Trace Amount of Cadmium by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry in Table Salt after Solid Phase Pre-Concentration Using Octadecyl Silica Membrane Disk Modified by a New Derivative of Pyridine” article addresses an issue that affects every person on a daily basis. Salt is consumed as a food additive as well as a food preservative making it one of the most commonly consumed substances. However, the presence of impurities particularly heavy metals in salt makes it a health hazard to the population. Such heavy metals include cadmium, lead, mercury, and chromium. The ingestion of these metals may bring about acute poisoning or cause longstanding health complications since such metals are non-biodegradable and have a propensity to accumulate in tissues. This study also uses absorption spectrometry, which is one of the topics covered in the PChem course, to detect the presence and quantity of cadmium in table salt.

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