Conversion of Deciliter
The International System of Units (SI) is the international standard of measurement. In the metric system unit of length is meter (m), the base unit of capacity is liters (l) and the base unit of mass is gram (g). Deci is used as prefix all over the metric system.

Conversion of SI units are as follows 1 \rm{liter} = 1\times 10 dl1liter=1×10dl, where 1 1 dl =1 \times 101dl=1×10cubic centimeter, 1 \rm{cm} = 1 \times 10 mm1cm=1×10mm, 1000 \rm{ml} = 11000ml=1liter.

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Use of System Measurement
The term “measurement” originates from the Greek word “Metron,” meaning “a small and limited proportion.” The whole world works on the concept of measurement. For the sake of science and trade, measurement systems have historically been heavily regulated and specified. The goal of measurement can be divided into four categories. They are quality, monitoring, safety, making things fit, and issue resolution. It is worth noting that measuring is used for different purposes.

The science of measurement is the pillar of the medical industry. The foundation of the health sector is health measurement, which enables more reliable and efficient diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. With the help of this measuring system, doctors and medical scientists will be able to obtain more precise data. For example, doctors and scientists need to know the details and content of 1/10th liter of blood. To help maintain such units, they use a deciliter.

Blood Measurements using deciliter as unit
The cholesterol levels in the body are measured in mg/dl. The serum cholesterol levels help keep a check on HDL and LDL levels in the body. Less than 200 mg/dl of total cholesterol is considered a normal level in adult human beings. The cholesterol levels vary as per age, gender, time of checking, and more.

People in the highest risk category for heart disease, those who have a 20% chance of having a heart attack within a decade, should keep their LDL in check. It must be below 100 mg/dl.