There are no authentic measures that can be utilized currently to ban or control completely the release of nano-particles to the environment. However, those measures which are presently available belong to the category of mitigation processes, which implies that they are suggested methodologies/ways of curbing the problem of escalating health risks associated with nano-particles. These are:

  • Intensifying the research of nano-particles hazards through the engagement of researchers and manufacturers involved in nano-technology field.
  • encouraging the utilization of proper cautionary methodologies/approaches
  • putting efforts to reduce the great number of uncertainties involved in the use of nano-technology
  • Training of shrewd expert to fill wide knowledge gap among various consumer/users of nano-products
  • ensuring more stringent regulatory rules, policies and framework are put in place
  • equipping both the workforce and the public with right tools and information


Nano-particles have found wide applications in the current world in the fields of manufacturing and production of services, linked to bioscience and engineering work. Despite of the wide applications of the nano-technology, its utilization has not guaranteed the world’s inhabitants a hundred percent benefits, thus, its utilization bears several benefits as well as disadvantages in human life. Total ban of the nano- technology do not provide a real solution to the world, or rather; it does either create more problems and/or escalates the existing ones. The only possible solution which can be attained would be through balancing of its risks with usage.

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