The people who are in the duty of loyalty for their company have numerous conflicts against their duty. These duties could either be in the form of physical restraints or personal conflicts. More important, the person is to their company, more is their duty to safeguard the assets and information of the company. The most common reason for any person breaching loyalty to their company happens when they begin to act selfishly, putting their personal needs above the needs and interests of the company. For any person to ideally complete their duty of loyalty, they would have to:

Whenever the opportunity arises, they should resist fulfilling their own needs by using the employer’s or the company’s properties.

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They should not have any relationship between themselves and any other party that is not their company.

They should keep all the information of the company that they have in private.

Consequences of Breach of Loyalty
Whenever a person is accused or found breaching their duty of loyalty, the company or the employer of the person harmed by this breach of duty can take legal action against the person. In most cases, such cases of breach of loyalty end in civil lawsuits. Another way of solving this breach of loyalty is by having internal management solve the issue or find a way of mediation between the two parties concerned. It can also happen that the person accused has been wrongfully accused. Hence, the people accusing have to find sufficient evidence that proves the person was committing a breach of loyalty. If such is the case and the person accused turns out to be innocent, the accusers would have to punish this wrongful accusation. Breach of loyalty is considered a very serious crime, and the punishments for such crimes are severe. This crime can probably cause the dilution of a company and ruin many careers and lives of people if a dignified and highly positioned person commits such a crime.

Agent’s Authority
The relationship between agents and their employer is a form of consent that can happen between any two people at any given time. For the establishment of such a relationship, both the parties concerned have to:

Show that the employer has accepted and said that the agent is acting on their behalf, orally or written.

The agent has to submit proof that the employer was the one who was controlling them during the tenure of the agreement.

Both of the parties have to know and accept the roles of each other and act accordingly.

Whatever the agent’s actions and whatever may be the powers invested in them, all of them are there with the consent and directions of the employer. The agent has the authority that can vary from employer to employer. The employer can act in place of another party, making the employer just a means of sending a message. It could also happen that the agent is faking the existence of their employer for whatever reasons.