In performing any experiment, the methodology is crucial to obtaining credible results. In the first step, the Commiphora molmol and Boswellia papyrifera plant materials must be processed in similar manner. Both are crushed into powder and extracted by dissolving them in various solvents and then distilled, evaporated then dried. The solvents used are petroleum ether, ethyl acetate, methanol and distilled water.

The extracts obtained at the end can then be considered to be similar which a crucial aspect of an experiment like this is. The next step in the experiment was also significant in ensuring the chemical components in the extracts are known and that the anti microbial activity is attributed to each of them separately. The authors call this step phytochemical screening. After the different components are identified in the extracts, they are confirmed by various known tests; these tests are already known to be valid.

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Commiphora molmol and Boswellia papyrifera plant materials must be processed in similar manner
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It is also significant to note that in the course of the experiment, there were seven different strains of MRSA used. This is important because it is necessary for the end result to provide an answer for more than just one strain, especially since varying forms of the isolates have been recovered from clinical specimen. Knowing how these plant extracts affect all the strains is crucial information for anyone who intends to take up the use of these plants for anti microbial therapy. In the course of the experiment, the isolates are grown in brain heart infusion broth at 37 degrees Celsius for 18–24 hours (Abdallah et al).