Over the last several decades, the urban centres of many of the world’s largest cities have faced the problem of decline that facilitated economic and social changes (Lupton & Power 2004). This tendency was evident throughout the world in many large cities and is mainly connected to the slowdown in the population growth trends due to which the predicted level of the domination of the large cities was not realised fully. This phenomenon is associated with the increasing shortage of economic opportunities in the area. This paper provides a review of literature in reference to the issues of city centre decline, revitalisation, and people’s perceptions focusing on the city centre of Riyadh. The aspects mentioned above are explored by means of the comparison of the tendencies in Riyadh to those in the other large cities of the world. Structurally, this paper will be divided into three parts

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City Centre Decline, Revitalisation in Riyadh Proposal
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