Acrylamide, a chemical compound is also referred to as prop-2-enamide and has the chemical formula C3H5NO. Acrylamide is prepared by hydrolysis and can dissolve in water, chloroform and ethanol. Acrylamide can decompose in the absence of heat forming ammonia producing carbon oxides and oxides of nitrogen. Although most cases of exposure to acrylamide is through food that we eat, its presence in the food has been present in many years and it is most unlikely due to contamination. This largely indicates that it is most unlikely that the presence of acrylamide upstream would cause great harm to the lives down stream as a result of the irrigated food intake because most of the acylamide is formed in the process of cooking, although direct exposure through the dissolved acrylamide is of great concern. Research indicates that acrylamide causes cancer and is harmful to reproductive and nervous systems.

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Chemical compound is also referred to as prop-2-enamide
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