Chemical bonding was used to stop glycolate oxidase onto a modified polyethersulfonate membrane. Physical adsorption is the method that was used for the immobilization of glycolate oxidase/catalase enzyme into a mixed-ester cellulose acetate covering. The result of both the biosensors was successful. Thus, they were used by the analysts for testing glycolic acid in various samples.

Then there are other amperometric biosensors. These one were developed for the immobilization of enzymes in polymer films electrogenerated from a series of amphiphilic pyrrole derivatives. This involves a procedure which is to be of great interest to the chemical analysts.

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Chemical bonding was used to stop glycolate oxidase
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It would be worthwhile to notice that a series of different ions of amphiphilic were used. These ions were different in terms of their ammonium head sizes and were used to immobilize the horseradish peroxidase, a type of enzyme which occurs in horseradish plants and other various types of enzymes which include galactose oxidase, polyphenol oxidase, glucose oxidase and xanthine oxidase.