Electronic Marketing Evolution
Electronic marketing is evolving at a great pace. It is adapting, changing, and dynamic. It is undertaking all the developments and new technological changes.

It has left traditional marketing behind and continuously giving modern marketing goals. Traditional marketing was not as customer-friendly as electronic marketing because of the evolution of e-marketing in such a short span. Electronic marketing has four variables that are distribution, technology, information, and individual. These variables are helping electronic marketing to grow and attracting more and more new customers. Electronic marketing is helping organizations to build a huge customer base through the promotion of goods and services. It is also helping customers by satisfying their all needs and providing comfort to them. E-marketing is the perfect example of using technology in the right way.

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Characteristics of Electronic Marketing Discussion
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Benefits of Electronic Marketing
There are so many benefits of electronic marketing which are making it more approachable. Due to all such benefits, businesses and individuals are adopting electronic marketing.

Following are the benefits of electronic marketing; Low costs – Electronic marketing involves very low cost in marketing which is the most important benefit. In traditional marketing, the involvement of cost was very high in comparison to e-marketing. Quick results – Electronic marketing gives quick results. Through online marketing campaigns, businesses can reap quick results and find out the status of an ongoing campaign. It was not possible in traditional marketing. More customer reach – Through electronic marketing, a business can reach many customers and target even more. This is possible because electronic marketing lets businesses interact with their audiences. Personal approach – Electronic marketing is the personal approach in the modern marketing world. It is personalized because businesses gather customers’ information electronically and interact with them based on such information. 24*7 sales – As electronic marketing is internet-based marketing that is 24*7 open for everyone, it generates sales continuously. A business can reach out to its customers anytime it wants. Reaching distant customers – A business can reach its customers staying in different geographical areas because it has a wide reach. Unlike in traditional marketing, a business can only reach to few customers. Electronic marketing has widened the reach of a business. Right product to the right customer – Electronic marketing helps businesses to understand the need of the market. They target the audience according to the product they are offering. It increases their purchase rate in the market.

Characteristics of Electronic Marketing
There are so many characteristics of electronic marketing, which are making it different from other marketing techniques. Following are such characteristics of e-marketing: Good memory – A business can store as much data as possible in electronic marketing. They do not have to gather the data every time they interact with customers. They can use the previously stored data. Control – Customers can control the information that is being asked by the organizations. Customers cannot be forced to provide any confidential information against their wishes. Accessibility – A customer can compare the different products from a different institution to make an informed decision. They can choose the best product and all of it is possible due to electronic marketing.