Therefore, as was characteristic of the Renaissance period, scholars actively perused and evaluated many of the Greek texts, principles, and ideas. Much of the geometrical drawings that Leonardo did were in support of his mathematician friend’s principles and ideas; a treatise they published together known as “Divine Proportions”. His friend was a monk and a mathematician known as Luca Pacioli. Although it seems a little odd for the contemporary mind, many of the scientists, mathematicians, and engineers of Leonardo’s time received training that cut across both art/humanities disciplines and science (Petto and Petto 49). According to Moon, many of the mathematicians trained on how to draw and illustrate their work as painters/artists (162). Wilson states that Leonardo encouraged scrutiny of his paintings with a ‘mathematical eye’, and even once when writing in a treatise of his paintings stated that anyone who was not mathematically inclined should avoid looking at his paintings (32). Besides geometry, Leonardo da Vinci made significant contributions in the development of Archimedes’s principles, the Pythagoras theorem, the laws of friction, the center of gravity of objects, and other such mathematical concepts that this paper will discuss late

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Characteristic of the Renaissance period
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