Both CDs and magnetic tapes have a magnetic substance coat, but disks normally have an inflexible backbone. The computer disks store more information reliably and cheaply as contrasted to magnetic tapes. Computer disk storage has not always been cheap for instance in the mid twentieth century a 5 Mb disk was priced at $ 50,000. Nevertheless, since disks and computers became economical, computer disks found widespread application (Bloomfield 261).

For years people have debated about better storage medium between analog and digital media. Each of the two has its merits and limitations. The analog storage provides continuous information. It concerns the use of a magnetic tape as a medium for storing information. Sound recorded on magnetic tapes have natural and warm tone. Information recorded from the source without loss; hence, gives the more accurate method of recording and recalling information. Notwithstanding the aforementioned pros, analog recordings are noisy, slower to edit, rewind and fast forward

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CDs and magnetic tapes have a magnetic substance coat
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