The carbon cycle can be referred to as the method of nature to recycle carbon atoms, which move from the atmosphere into organisms in the Earth and then return into the atmosphere over and over yet again. Most carbon is kept in rocks as well as sediments, while the rest is deposited in the ocean, living organisms, as well as the atmosphere. Most living things on Earth are composed of carbon. Living things require carbon the most for living, growing, and reproducing. Also, carbon is a limited resource that cycles through the Earth in numerous forms. Also, carbon is so significant to life because nearly all molecules in the body comprise carbon. Higher temperatures are deteriorating many types of disasters, comprising storms, floods, heatwaves, as well as droughts. A warmer climate generates an atmosphere that can gather, recollect, and drop more water, altering weather patterns. Global warming is the drastic change that occurs due to man-made effects such as pollution and greenhouse gases. These gases and pollutants reach the atmosphere and result in terrific effects such as acid rain.

The carbon cycle shows a descriptive role in controlling the global temperature of the Earth. It has been achieved by regulating the quantity of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect itself is a logically happening incident that creates the temperature of the Earth warmer, and this is enough for life to occur. The chief alterations in the geological carbon cycle are likely to come due to the climatic alteration. Carbon dioxide tends to upsurges the temperatures that tend to extend the increased season as well as humidity. Both factors have displayed some supplementary plant growth. Nevertheless, hot or more the optimum temperatures also tend to create stress for the plants. The carbon cycle and global warming are confidentially associated, and a transformation in one segment of the carbon cycle results in the alteration somewhere else. The burning of fossil fuels tends to eliminate carbon from the soil and simultaneously gets released into the atmosphere.

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