According to Vachani and Millar (2010, p. 1), it is possible for cancer patients to tell whether their bodies are responding positively to biologic therapies. Seemingly, it is the type of cancer that determines how a patient responds to biologic treatment. Ostensibly, there are various technologies that make it possible for patients to check how they are responding to treatment. It is imperative to carry out this exercise periodically in order to check how cancer tumors are responding to biologic treatments. In most cases, the measurement of the tumor is conducted through a blood test. The effectiveness of the biologic therapy is indicated by a reduction in the size of the tumor. A decline in the symptoms exhibited by a patient also indicates that the biologic treatment is working as desired. Where a patient is unable to carry out the measurement, he or she can seek help from doctors or nurses. Ostensibly, some biologic therapies tend to have a negative effect on some molecules that support the development of tumors. These biologic treatments are scientifically referred to as targeted cancer therapies.

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Bodies are responding positively to biologic therapies
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