Laser is one of the latest technological innovations, which uses simulated light emissions for the illumination of tissues. Lasers find wide application in medicine and telecommunications, primarily in passing information. Lasers are important in providing placate to human life and survival. However, like any other technology lasers have disadvantages and advantages in their applications. Lasers involve emitting light, which is usually coherent, monochromatic, and long-ranged. A laser is a type of light radiation within an electromagnetic spectrum, which can induce effects as it flows or passes through matter. Different types of lasers emit different monochromatic waves, which form a broad light spectrum with varying wavelengths. Different types of lasers include ultraviolet laser, X-ray laser, hydrogen laser, and infrared laser. Much of today’s technological advancements and innovations have used the principle of laser technology to provide solutions to human problems, the latest invention being the innovation CD’s and DVD’s technology. TVs, telephones, and fiber optic communication -underpin the internet use principles of laser technology (Karman, McDonald, New, Woerdman, 1999, pp.10-14).

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