Albert Einstein was born in 1897 into a middle-class family of German Jews. He did not talk until he was three years of age, which caused his parents to believe that this genius would be deficient in mental abilities. By the time he was fifteen Einstein was bored with the education provided through learning things by heart and under the strict supervision of the tutors. So he gave up his high school studies. He wandered around before finally entering the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, even though he had not passed his high school. At the institute, he enjoyed the practical and skipped the theoretical classes. Yet, he graduated exceptionally well. Finding a job was hard and he landed up as a patent examiner in 1900, which was also the year he got married.

Over the next five years, he also devoted his energies to the creation of his theories of relativity in four fundamental papers, which he published in 1905. In 1909 Einstein took up his first full-time job in his favorite subject of physics as an assistant professor in physics at the University of Zurich. The next few years saw Einstein continuing as an academician, with the only change being the change in 1914, when he shifted from teaching to research. In 1915 Einstein published his revolutionary general theory of relativity.

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