Value of Tree of Life
The tree of life’s value to the well-being of humans and existence is immense. The species cannot strive not to include a biodiverse planet. First, we need a complete biodiverse system in our environment to survive a strong life. For the sake of living organisms, biodiversity assumes a key role in all the subjects of life, that is, starting from food, medicines, and all other aspects of life for the survival of humans. Along with the aspects, it is also needed to understand the relationship between the living organisms that can be done only by understanding and relating biodiversity with the tree of life. Knowledge of this can also lead to various studies which may include ecology and its conservative measures. Knowledge of biodiversity and the tree of life could also lead to the mysterious nature’s discovery and its organisms along with the inventions of new and advanced medicine for the betterment of society. To know the relationships between them, we have to observe the habitat, temperature, and Change of factors according to the environmental conditions. Another major application of the tree of life is Phylogeny. Phylogenetic analysis also helps in discovering many diseases using the strains of viruses that were lost years ago. Phylogenetic DNA can be produced to represent these strains which help in the diagnosis of the diseases. For example, the flu occurs, using the phylogenetic strains we can be able to produce new flu vaccines using the strains.

Conservation OF Biodiversity
By relating the tree of life with biodiversity, we can be able to protect the areas of our planet by collecting the specimen and understanding the hotspots to reach the conservative goal. The conservation of this will also lead to the betterment of agriculture and cultivation. Biodiversity and the tree of life are important and should be conserved to protect their beauty and value for human survival.

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