The hypothesis of this study is to demonstrate that during this 21st century the attitude of the students toward learning has changed a lot. To test and prove this hypothesis there is going to be made a survey, composed of a questionnaire made with students. Their selection will be made by random sampling.

Sampling is a research methodology where one does not have to interview or collect data from the entire population. To have a good report the sample chosen should be representative of the general population. In this case, the area of drawing my samples will be in schools. I will distribute my prewritten questionnaires to students and tutors. The sample would include control groups as well as randomly selected groups. The target sample would include students in the age group of 10-17yrs from a total of 40 schools from four different areas. Out of the sample population, I will have 20% from junior high, 20% from senior high, and 60% from colleges and universities. In the said learning institutions, I will use the random selection method. This means that I will give the questionnaires randomly in the schools to ensure that I reduce any chances of biasness. The first part of the questionnaire will be composed of nominal variables like gender, ethnicity, age, etc.

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